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If you and your friend cannot agree on the beach name for the weekend, play WISHORE. The winner will choose the beach name for the weekend.

rd-i yw-i be-i gn-i bk-i

• Amazing Vacation: 5 beaches.
Red - Yellow - Blue - Green - Black

• Nice Vacation: 4 beaches, 4 colors.

• Good Vacation: 3 beaches, 3 colors.

• Two beaches with same color = one color.

+ Tickets
Minus(-) No tickets

A - Get your tickets before the countdown hits minus. No tickets when the countdown hits minus(-).

1- Click on a beach's square to get the ticket's number.

2- Click on start.

3- Click on a second beach's square. If both tickets are the same they will vanish: Check + for ticket or Check - for no ticket.

• To start over: Click on stop then refresh on top.